Amanda Boles

Amanda Boles

Successful businesses use systems and protocols.
Do you have these?

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Do these sound familiar? How many times have you heard them? Probably a lot. And you’ve probably heard them because when the staff encounters these obstacles, they don’t know where to turn for answers. But what if you had a well-crafted protocol to fall back on when problems arise?

The landscape of dentistry is evolving. Changes due to insurance, COVID-19, and staffing shortages have affected every office in one way or another. I believe that adapting our protocols and systems is the best way to run smoother. Ask me how I can help you and your office.

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Is your office using the latest Dentrix features?

When is the last time your staff had Dentrix training?

Is your database a hot mess?

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Amanda Boles has been outstanding in helping our new team understand Dentrix and dental office teamwork. She led our team in learning terrific office skills, Dentrix day-to-day operations, and in seeing the big picture. We are so appreciative of all Amanda has done for our team!

Dr. Scott King

Amanda more than a consultant to our office and I do not know what I would do without her. She uses life coaching methods to get us to understand her "WHY"

Dr. Kris Sottosanti

Working with Amanda has been incredible! We purchased our practice a few years ago - when we walked in, systems were lacking, and our patient management software was a complete mess. Amanda worked tirelessly with us to clean things up. We dug into the details together, and now our office runs much more smoothly. Amanda is crazy knowledgeable and we learn something new every time we interact! Amanda is one of the best in the business, we’ve absolutely loved working with her!

Dr. Adam Miller
Dr. Brian Balliwas